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Meet Our Angels

We invite you to read about a few of the special angels we’ve had the pleasure of helping over the years. 

If you know a special angel that could benefit from our assistance please visit to learn more about our application process.

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Meet Favor

Favor is an auditorily impaired 9 year old little girl with a bilateral moderately severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss. She had no hearing aids of her own and only wore loaners during school hours. Favor’s family moved to the Dallas area about two years ago. Her father, a military veteran, was hospitalized and subsequently passed away. Her mother is severely disabled as a result of a stroke. Favor is being raised by her 19 year old sister who dropped out of college to assume family responsibilities when their father died. Their medical insurance does not offer any coverage for amplification. They had no means of obtaining amplification for Favor except through donation. Favor desperately requires full-time use of hearing aids for communication, for safety, and for quality of life. Without hearing aids, she may not be aware that someone is talking and she will not be able to understand anything that is said. She is a happy, social little girl who wants to learn and wants to understand conversation. Be An Angel purchased hearing aids for Favor so that her life and the life of her sister, who is one special young lady, might be greatly improved and their future might look a little brighter.

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Meet Beau

When your number one concern for your child is safe engagement with family, seating, and positioning, equipment becomes essential. Beau is a child born with cerebral palsy who is also blind. He relies on his other senses to stay engaged and while he cannot walk or move independently, he has a desire to be part of the group. Beau’s wheelchair takes him from place to place however, he requires full support of an adult once out of his chair. With age and growth, it is no longer physically possible for his mom to hold him safely, feed him, or to promote engagement with family and friends. The pea pod chair is a lifeline to social interaction and being an integral part of his family. The specialized chair supports his head and trunk in a comfortable position. Thanks to the generous donors of Be An Angel, Beau has gained independence in the simple task of sitting. He is experiencing an improved quality of life which in turn impacts the family.


Meet Allison

Allison is a six year old little girl who was in need of replacement hearing aids. Her previous hearing aids were five years old and one was broken and in dire need of repair. Allison communicates using oral English, and her hearing aids have given her good access to speech. However, now that Allison is only able to utilize one working hearing aid, speech is harder to understand when there is additional background noise. Additionally, newer hearing aids will provide upgraded speech processing
capabilities that Allison will benefit from. Allison is scheduled to enroll in a regular education kindergarten class with deaf education support this year. Through the generosity of our donors, Be An Angel has been able to provide Allison with the recommended hearing aids. With proper amplification and additional education in class support, Allison will continue to progress and potentially meet grade level expectations.


Meet Adrian

Adrian is a 15 year old boy diagnosed with spasticity, cerebral palsy and seizure disorder. His past diagnoses include unspecified delays in development, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, Lymphadenitis, and cortical dysplasia. Adrian has never walked or stood on his own. He can only stand with his mother’s or a caregiver’s help. He no longer has the ability to assist with transfers, both stand-pivot, and to and from the floor. Because of his age and size, it was determined that he would benefit from daily use of a tricycle to facilitate daily exercise to improve strength, reciprocal motion, and to improve his overall cardiovascular function. Be An Angel purchased an adaptive trike and It has helped to prevent progression of his lower extremity contractures. It has also optimized his bone integrity, cardiovascular health and improved his overall interaction with others. Life is a little more joyful, not quite as painful, and a lot more hopeful.


Meet Evelyn

When her mom talks to Evelyn about going to the park, her eyes light up and for just a moment the challenges she faces with cerebral palsy and optic nerve damage fade away. Her new adaptive, lightweight stroller  provides the necessary safety features to keep Evelyn on the go and enjoying the world around her. Within a minute of sitting in her new stroller, her smile emerged, and her demeanor changed. When her mom asked if she was ready to go to the park her motor movements and vocalizations indicated a resounding YES.

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Meet Victor

The Villarreal family was doubly blessed when twins arrived a few weeks early. Celeste and Victor were born 1 minute apart. Complications with delivery due to a prolapsed umbilical cord and subsequent loss of oxygen during delivery set a course for the family that was both unexpected and challenging. Through each challenge this young family steps up, develops strategies to support and nurture the sibling pair and provides a role model for parenting under pressure with praise and determination. Camp Aranzazu gave the family a break from the day to day routine, and a unique chance to explore mother nature with full support of a caring, energetic staff. Each moment was filled with adventure and allowed these intuitive siblings a chance to participate in new activities side by side. It was a blessing to watch the family relax and the smiles emerge through the weekend.


Meet Tony

Tony is a TYPICAL 10 year old in many ways! Born with Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy, he currently relies on a wheelchair for mobility. Tony loves learning, being around his friends and staying active and his teachers applaud his commitment to education and attitude when given any task. Though he uses a wheelchair at school, his family and therapists suggested the use of a gait trainer to promote movement, exercise, endurance and to enhance social interactions with his peers. When Tony stands supported by the gait trainer, he is now at eye level with his peers and is getting exercise daily. Tony exudes enthusiasm and is a perfect ambassador for Be An Angel. He is not likely to give anything less than his best and the gift of a gait trainer assures this young man will be an active participant with his peer group and within his community.

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Meet Ja’Son

Ja’Son was born with Cerebral palsy, is legally blind and requires assistance with all his daily living needs. Ja’Son is a feisty, happy child and needs the support of his wheelchair when being transported in the family vehicle. The family does all the lifting and transitioning of his chair into the family vehicle but this lifting carries risk of injury to his parents.The van conversion allows the family to transport Ja’Son to school and within the community while remaining injury free. This family can now rest assured that Ja’Son is being properly supported while being transported!


Meet Collin

Collin has an infectious laugh, and a profound ability to make the most of every opportunity to be independent. He demonstrates fearlessness when faced with new adventures. The adapted car provided for his use allows him to participate actively in hallway transitions, PE and recess with his peers and gives him a sense of freedom not otherwise found through his mobility in his wheelchair. Learning takes on many forms and is most successful when there is engagement and joy. Using what some may see as a toy, Collin practices his switch use, following directions, and awareness of his environment, all skills he will need as he transitions at some point to a power wheelchair. Be An Angel delivered the adapted car to Collin and in turn he blessed us with smiles, laughter and a remarkable sense of accomplishment.


Meet Dalton

Dalton is an 18-month-old who would prefer to be active and mobile but does not have the
muscle tone or body management to move or sit independently. Born with malformations of the brain
which cause uncontrollable severe seizures, Dalton has a tough road ahead of him. Unless he is held,
he is unable to be an integral part of his family. The Firefly GoTo Seat is a life saver for Dalton and his
family. This specialized chair is lightweight and can go with him everywhere his family goes. It supports
his head, neck and trunk and allows him to be upright with a new view of the world. Insurance deems this equipment medically unnecessary. 


Meet Jocelyn

Jocelyn can be described as a go getter and is on the move. Born with Titin Myopathy (a disorder that impacts muscle tone) and identified with autism and developmental delays, she faces ongoing therapy and specialized instruction to promote ambulation, independence and learning. Though her therapy targets mobility and balance, she cannot ambulate independently YET and strollers used for infants and toddlers lack durability necessary for continuous use. The family unit, including an older sister, is active in the community and make the most of every opportunity for their daughter. The hope for Jocelyn is that she will eventually be walking independently. The adapted stroller provided through Be An Angel allows the family to safely transport her to and around school, therapy and out into the community while holding out hope that she will become a confident
walker down the road.


Meet Brayan

Kindergarten is the beginning of lifelong learning through play, interaction and instruction. For Brayan, a moderate-severe sensorineural hearing loss in one ear meant having difficulty localizing to sounds, hearing the teacher in a busy classroom and being able to discriminate conversations that occur naturally in an early childhood setting. The hearing aid has supported Brayan across all settings and has set him up to participate fully in classroom activities and learning opportunities. Through the generosity of Be An Angel donors, Brayan proudly wears his hearing aid and is on a course for life success in and out of the classroom.

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Meet Uriel

‘Typical teen’ describes Uriel!
He is social, engaging, loves healthy competition and has thoughts and opinions on many things! Born with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus, he faces many challenges that will have lifelong impact. Uriel uses a manual wheelchair for mobility and requires support of his sister, brother-in-law and mother to accomplish day to day tasks many take for granted. Camp Aranzazu was a place that allowed Uriel to flourish as he conquered fear and pushed forward to meet all the challenges in each new activity. The smiles he shared and confidence he demonstrated through each successful adventure help us know he is well on his way to becoming a self-determined young man with tenacity and a “can do” attitude.


Meet Kelcie

This dynamic father/daughter duo is a model of smiling through adversity. Kelcie is a vivacious 9 year old with a smile a big as Texas. She was born with quadriplegic spastic cerebral palsy and relies on a wheelchair for mobility. When her manual wheelchair was to be replaced by a power chair to promote independence, it became clear a van with a lift would become necessary for the family. The partial van conversion support from Be An Angel allows Kelcie to independently maneuver her wheelchair into the van and has been a Godsend for her dad. This spirited family is learning a new normal with the tools that allow them to be fully engaged in their community.


Meet Mason

5-year-old Mason was born with Miller-Dieker Syndrome and Lissencephaly. Additionally, he lives with epilepsy, chronic lung disease, a cortical visual impairment, and other medical conditions. Mason, however, is a child that not only faces challenges each day but his outlook on life is simply beautiful. His mother said, “Although Mason is completely non-mobile and non-verbal, his diagnoses do not forfeit him a happy, beautiful life!” Mason cheers on his brother at a baseball game, loves walks in the park and curling up on Mom’s lap. The van conversion for this family allows limitless opportunities to transport Mason with safety while relieving the physical stress that is placed on his mother.


Meet Kenisha

Imagine being in a busy room of 3rd graders and not being able to hear conversation or instruction clearly. That is what Kenisha experienced prior to receiving her hearing aids. Her hearing loss impacted her interest in social interaction with her peers, caused frustration in the learning environment and impacted her ability to respond to family members including 5 active siblings at home.

Now aided, Kenisha is adjusting to learning to listen to discreet sounds and engage in quiet conversations she previously missed. Life for this vivacious 9-year-old has changed dramatically and she cherishes the opportunity to share secrets with her friends and siblings and participate fully in school with confidence.


Meet Logan

Logan may have started life with a few obstacles to overcome, but that has not stopped this energetic 4-year old from enjoying life! Logan was born with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita, which is the development of multiple joint contractures affecting two or more areas of the body. A contracture occurs when a joint becomes permanently fixed in a bent or straightened position, which can impact the function and range of motion of the joint.
The Efix adaptation on his wheelchair allows Mom and Dad to easily remove the battery component of the wheelchair and still be able to load his chair into the family vehicle for appointments, school and outings as a family. For Logan and his family, a wheelchair that could be loaded into the family vehicle has been life-changing! Wheelchairs are one of our most requested pieces of equipment needed.

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