Meet Our Angels



For Amanda, a teenager diagnosed with Autism, Camp Be An Angel is a safe place. Loretta, Amanda’s mother explained in her initial Camp Be An Angel application that Amanda loves to explore and in her younger years she would sometimes escape her house in the middle of the night. Amanda has been found wandering busy streets and nearby neighborhoods.

Over stimulation can cause Amanda to become extremely upset and her inability to process certain situations can cause her to hurt herself or put herself in dangerous situations.

The reason camp is such a great experience for Amanda is she is able to explore and participate in activities that stimulate her senses in a safe, secure environment. Amanda can fly down a zip line or ride a bike all in a facility designed for children like her!

On top of all that, Amanda is able to spend important time with her brothers and sisters and bond with them at Camp Be An Angel. We believe that one of the most important factors of camp is that it is planned with the entire family in mind. The weekend is completely free for everyone who attends, special needs children, like Amanda, are able to play safely in a fun environment, siblings grow closer, families make new friends and everyone walks away with a smile and a tear come Sunday afternoon.



When you first meet Meg, you can’t help but fall in love with her instantly. Born a twin four months prematurely, Meg lost her brother when he was just 15 days old. At 9 years old today, Meg is both blind and has cerebellar hypoplasia, requiring a wheelchair.

Because of your generosity, Meg and hundreds of other children with disabilities have had the opportunity to experience Camp Be An Angel. Camp Be An Angel gave Meg the chance to fly down a zip-line as well as the unique sensation of floating in a canoe and riding a horse!

For three days, families experience no barriers at Camp Be An Angel. The children participate in camp activities without being hindered by their disabilities. Imagine the excitement of a child as they ride a horse for the first time, feel the wind as they propel down a zip-line, or sing and dance with new friends around a campfire.

Because of donors like you, Be An Angel is able to bring thousands of smiles to the faces of our children and their loved ones. Thank you! We are hoping that you will join us and continue to make a difference in improving the quality of life for the children we serve. A gift of $100 can send another child to Camp Be An Angel this September so they can experience the magic of camp just like Me



A tragic car accident, which claimed the life of his mother and nearly claimed Diego’s life, set off a series of events which ultimately ended this little boy’s life direction. Diego is currently mentally challenged and lives between walking with a walker and sitting in a wheelchair. When you meet Diego, one thing is noticeably awesome: nothing seems to steal his joy. A friend was quoted as saying,

“The accident took some things away from Diego and yet, he was given new and absolute joy!”

The supporters of Be An Angel were able to help this family by purchasing a wheelchair. Additionally, Diego was one of the lucky children Texas State Senator Dan Patrick invited to visit his office at the capitol in Austin. The Be An Angel supporters put a smile on this precious child’s face.

Our programs and services depend on the generosity of our donors. With your support, we are able to make a real difference in improving the quality of life for children like Diego.


Hayleigh lives with her mother and her younger sister in Houston. Her mother is her primary caretaker.

Hayleigh’s circumstances cause her to be physically uncomfortable in public places, which cause loud outbursts when she is around large groups of people.

Hayleigh is unable feed or care for her personal needs. Because of her disabilities, Hayleigh requires constant medical attention, which entails three different doctor’s appointments each week assuring a better quality of life.

If Hayleigh becomes ill, generally she has to be admitted to the hospital.

Both Hayleigh and her mom and sister benefit from Be An Angel’s Alternatives for Angels program. This at-home respite care service provides each medically fragile child 12 hours a month of at-home care from a professional caretaker. Hayleigh’s mother can now attend her other daughter’s parent-teacher conference, or run a quick errand knowing that Hayleigh is in good hands.

Through Alternatives for Angels, the supporters of Be An Angel provide to these hard working parents a chance to catch their breath…. Even if it is just for a few hours each month!



This is Ricky on the day he received his brand new ROHO wheelchair cushion from Be An Angel. Both of Ricky’s hips are dislocated.

There are times when the tissue surrounding his hips becomes very irritable. The intensity and duration of irritability vary.

Because of this sensitivity, it is important that Ricky sits or lies on soft surfaces.

Recently, Be An Angel was able to provide Ricky with a new ROHO cushion for his wheelchair.

The ROHO cushion helps to distribute Ricky’s weight more evenly, thereby reducing the amount of focused pressure on the hips.

This provides Ricky with more comfort in sitting and an increased ability to relax and attend to his lessons at school.

Because of donors like you, Be An Angel is able to bring thousands of smiles to the faces of our children and their loved ones.

Our programs and services depend on the generosity of our donors. With your support, we are able to make a real difference in improving the quality of life for children like Ricky


Eva is a two year old little girl who has been diagnosed with microtia/atresia in both ears, meaning her ears did not develop typically and she has no ear canal openings. Eva can now hear with the help of a bone conduction device from Oticon Medical called Ponto Plus.

Bone anchored hearing systems are designed to use your body’s natural ability to transfer sound through bone conduction. The sound processor picks up sound, converts them into vibrations, and sends them through the skull bone, directly to the inner ear. This bypasses any problems in the ear canal or middle ear. For children with hearing loss to successfully develop their language skills, early stimulation of the inner ear (cochlea) is essential.

Through the generosity of our donors, Be An Angel has been able to provide Eva with the Ponto Plus in both ears, allowing her to be able to learn to hear and speak.

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Adrian is a 15 year old boy diagnosed with spasticity, cerebral palsy and seizure disorder. His past diagnoses include unspecified delays in development, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, Lymphadenitis, a n d   cortical dysplasia. Adrian has been participating in both physical and occupational therapy since he was an infant. He has had several Botox injections in the past that have improved positioning and hygiene care at the time. Adrian has never walked or stood on his own. He can only stand with his mother’s or a caregiver’s help. He no longer has the ability to assist with transfers, both stand-pivot, and to and from the floor. Because of his age and size, it was determined that he would benefit from daily use of a tricycle to facilitate daily exercise to improve strength, reciprocal motion, and independent mobility to navigate and explore his environment, and to improve his overall cardiovascular function as he did not receive daily exercise. Adrian was living a sedentary lifestyle and deteriorating. His parents were having significant difficulty moving him around the home and having difficulty stretching him to maintain his motion.

Be An Angel purchased an adaptive trike to help with Adrian’s motion and stretching. It has made all the difference. The trike has helped to prevent progression of his lower extremity contractures. It has also optimized his bone integrity, cardiovascular health and improved his overall interaction with others. Life is a little more joyful, not quite as painful, and a lot more hopeful.


This is Jonathan on the day he received his brand-new medical stroller from Be An Angel!

This was also the day Jonathan was scheduled to have another surgery, one of many in his young life.

Jonathan has a twin brother and an older sister. His single, working mother ensures that all her children have a good life, however, when it comes to Jonathan’s special needs;

a special supporter of Be An Angel lent a financial hand.

With this special lightweight collapsible equipment,

Jonathan has more mobility allowing his mother to store it in the trunk of the family’s car instead of trying, often unsuccessfully, to fit Jonathan’s bulky wheelchair inside.

Be An Angel’s generous donor not only furnished Jonathan a new means to move, he presented him a new opportunity to see the world.

Our programs and services depend on the generosity of our donors. With your support, we are able to make a real difference in improving the quality of life for children like Jonathon.


Our programs and services depend on the generosity of our donors.

With your support, we are able to make a real difference in improving the quality of life for children like Amanda, Meg, Diego, Hayleigh, Ricky, and Jonathon