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Casa de Luz

House of Light

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Be An Angel’s international outreach program supports medically fragile, special needs children in the Dominican Republic.

Casa de Luz means House of Light and is the bright star in the lives of 40 severely disabled children in the Dominican Republic. Born into poverty, these children were neglected with no one to care for them. At Casa de Luz they receive medical care, nourishment, physical therapy and a loving family. Find out more about what House of Light is doing and how you can help.

The Children of Casa de Luz


Christopher, Age 4

When Christofer entered the house, he was suffering from 3rd degree malnutrition, very wrinkled skin and was lifeless. A Casa de Luz representative went to see him and upon entering the home found Christofer in a crib near the stove. His growth was impaired because of lack of food and he suffered from developmental delays. His parents agreed going to Casa de Luz would help him. After 6 months, he has gained weight, responds to being cared for and is thriving. While he still suffers from other delays and conditions, the darkness is finally starting to fade.


Arcadia, Age 16

Arcadia had been left alone by a single mom so she could work with no one to care for him. Neighbors helped at first but soon they started calling the police when she would leave him alone for days at a time. Arcadia’s Mom would be sent to jail so Arcadia was still left alone and without care. He would sob and sob as the day wore on. Casa de Luz knew that he must be saved to get him the care he so desperately needed. Arcadia is slowly adjusting and adapting to his new and improved living conditions. Life is getting brighter for this sweet soul.

MOA-casadeluz-03 (1)

Antonio, Age 4

Abandoned by his parents, Antonio with hydrocephalus was at another institution only receiving daytime care. He was malnourished, had pneumonia and living in very poor conditions. He was on the waiting list and then Casa de Luz found a place for him. He is thriving but still has a long road ahead. You can see the twinkle of hope in his beautiful eyes.


Luciani, Age 6

As a young blind girl with multiple impairments, Luciani was living with her blind parents who struggled to take care of her. Several people called Casa de Luz, over time they found a way to get her here. She has so many challenges ahead of her from speaking to walking and more. She is thriving and making small improvements daily. Slowing coming out of the darkness.

Santo Domingo, a city of 2.1 million is the country’s capital where 27.6% of the families live in poverty and hundreds of children roam the streets. Only 30% of the children ever finish primary school.

Critical Need Projects

How You Can Lift The Darkness For Casa De Luz and Support Be An Angel’s International Mission


Water Works plant

Be An Angel has created a Gospel centered partnership with Water At Work Ministry and House of Light in the construction of a complete water works plant that will produce sanitary and bottled water in and around the community of Santo Domingo.  Numerous ( too many to count!) residents are desperately in need off clean and safe water.  The orphans at House of Light require water on a daily basis and yet it often becomes an enormous challenge.

To date, the land was cleared and the building of the physical structure is in place.  The roof was recently poured and set while volunteers painted the primer coats for the walls.  The floors, and adding the complete reverse osmosis purifying system remains a huge and challenging task.

Once built, hardworking, committed local people are trained to maintain the business efficiently.  They will sell and deliver water to people in need at a rate they can afford. All this takes place so that House of Light can become self sufficient in their care for these precious children!

Make a difference in the life of a special angel