The Children of Casa de Luz House of Light



Be An Angel’s international outreach program:

Supporting medically fragile special needs children in the Dominican Republic


Casa de Luz provides hope for a better, brighter tomorrow


42 medically fragile children have found a home at Casa de Luz and a brighter future

Let’s explore some stories of how Casa de Luz shines their light on some amazing children:




As a young blind girl with multiple impairments, Luciani was living with her blind parents who struggled to take care of her. Several people called Casa de Luz, over time they found a way to get her here. She has so many challenges ahead of her from speaking to walking and more.

She is thriving and making small improvements daily. Slowing coming out of the darkness.

Antonio, 4

Abandoned by his parents, Antonio with hydrocephalus was at another institution only receiving daytime care. He was malnourished, had pneumonia and living in very poor conditions. He was on the waiting list and then Casa de Luz found a place for him.

He is thriving but still has a long road ahead. You can see the twinkle of hope in his beautiful eyes.


Christofer, 4

When Christofer entered the house, he was suffering from 3rd degree malnutrition, very wrinkled skin and was lifeless. A Casa de Luz representative went to see him and upon entering the home found Christofer in a crib near the stove. His growth was impaired because of lack of food and he suffered from developmental delays. His parents agreed going to Casa de Luz would help him. After 6 months, he has gained weight, responds to being cared for and is thriving.

While he still suffers from other delays and conditions, the darkness is finally starting to fade

Arcadia, 16

Arcadia had been left alone by a single mom so she could work with no one to care for him. Neighbors helped at first but soon they started calling the police when she would leave him alone for days at a time. Arcadia’s Mom would be sent to jail so Arcadia was still left alone and without care. He would sob and sob as the day wore on. Casa de Luz knew that he must be saved to get him the care he so desperately needed.

Arcadia is slowly adjusting and adapting to his new and improved living conditions. Life is getting brighter for this sweet soul .


Be An Angel has made Casa de Luz part of our international outreach to make our mark in the Dominican Republic. Our goal is to help these children find their way out of the darkness. We hope you will find it in your heart to count your blessings and donate to help those who are able to find joy despite the weight they carry.


One has to ask oneself,

For all their trials and tribulations,

how have the children of Casa de Luz grown to see the light of life?

The answer is simple – the loving care of this incredible staff

and through generous donations to support their continued care.

You see, this is not a hopeless place but a place full of light.



Here are a few ways you can lift the darkness for Casa de Luz

And support Be An Angel’s international mission


Critical Need Project #1: Victor

Victor was found on the beach three years ago alone.

His parents had deserted him as they could not support his care.
Victor has Congenital Vertebral Anomaly which is a malformation of the spine causing compression on the spinal cord thus deforming his vertebral canal.

Unfortunately, his condition is worsening.
Currently, Casa de Luz is researching a local orthopedic surgeon to relieve the pain he endures on a daily basis.

Victor’s condition is fatal, so urgent funding is needed – please help lift him up.


Critical Need Project #2: Dining Room

This area represents a future site for a dining room for the children.
Most children who reside at Casa de Luz require feeding tubes; however, they are not
available in the Dominican Republic. Consequently, each child is fed in their own
room by processing their food with a commercial blender.

The food is then fed by hand (like a baby), while exercising their throat muscles in order to digest their food.

Allowing these children a dedicated space to dine would make this process much simpler.
Minimal funding is required to make this space a reality and allow them the dignity of a
dining room.


Critical Need Project #3: Chapel

House of Light not only depends on the generosity of Be An Angel, but
also requires support from the locals.

A chapel would provide a gathering space for the community to rally and embrace the work of Casa de Luz.
This picture represents the land available for this project. This space would allow the community to
congregate, provide a place for the Casa de Luz orphans to worship and a way to let God’s light shine on this community of his beautiful children.

Funding for this project is minimal but the impact would be profound.



Guided by Galatians, the fruit of the spirit is

love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

These principles are what make Casa de Luz the beautiful place it is.

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