The 2018 Dan Patrick Christmas Gift Giving Program

Dear loyal Be An Angel friends,

We thank you for your generosity this giving season! We recognize our donors have choices and wanted you to know that your gift will change so many lives for the children we serve. Thank you for your support to our mission to improve the quality of life for special children.

We wish for you a “joy-filled” New Year.

Always grateful,

Be An Angel


Because of your generosity…

Pedro in his walker donated by Be An AngelPedro fought for 6 months to stay alive as he waited for a heart transplant after being born with congenital heart failure. When he received his new heart, he suffered cardiac arrest causing his brain to be deprived of oxygen and had a stroke. Despite obstacles such as epilepsy and cortical visual impairment, Pedro pushed through a 10-month hospital stay with daily therapies to strengthen his tiny body. Pedro received a stander that will not only strengthen his legs, but allow his body to improve and grow stronger! What an amazing young boy!

Cathy with her new hearing aids donated by Be An AngelCathy was not responding to family conversations or instructions from her teachers. Mom knew it was more than just being a “soon-to-be- teenager”. After conferences with Cathy’s school and doctors, it was determined she had a significant hearing loss that would require hearing aids. Her lack of educational progress was possibly due to the undiagnosed hearing loss! Cathy has flourished with her new aids and now can be part of the family conversations and events at school!

Crystal in her new wheelchair donated by Be An AngelKrystal is 18 years old and lives every day with a variety of difficult physical challenges. Her single mother adopted her when she was just 4 years old and has always shown unconditional love. Since then, Krystal had several operations on her feet and legs. Because her feet just refused to grow, she only wears a child’s size two shoe. This makes trying to walk extremely arduous, painful and all but impossible. However, Krystal fell in love with basketball through her school’s special education afterschool activities. Trying to play ball with a walker was more than problematic and she hated someone having to push her around the court in a wheelchair. She tried to keep a positive attitude but sometimes it was more than she could handle. Then came along a light weight power wheelchair that now allows Krystal more freedom than she has had in a very long time. She now plays basketball on her own (and a lot of other things too!).

These are the kind of stories that happen all the time at Be An Angel because of generous people like you! A gift from you brings hope to those whose lives have been turned upside down and relief when swamped with the ever-rising tide of discouragement. Please consider being a “life changer” through Be An Angel during this time of the year when the spirit of giving abounds and we can count our blessings while still remembering those less fortunate. Jan and I have made it part of our Christmas tradition. It will be a blessing for you and the several thousand special needs children you impact.
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2018 Commemorative Gift

This gift is our symbol of deep appreciation for your kindness and generosity to our children with special needs who lack sufficient funding for adaptive equipment, wheelchairs, hearing aids and other select services.

Thank you!

Receive a free 2018 limited edition Be An Angel bear with a $100+ donation.

Win the chance for lunch with Oiler #7 Dan Pastorini with a $200+ donation. The drawing will be held January 1, 2019.

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