American Sign Language

The Be An Angel American Sign Language Program has been discontinued.

“I wanted to take the time to share with you the success I have had in my personal life because of the ASL classes that have been offered by Be An Angel. The class has given me the confidence I needed to go out in my community and practice my sign. Interesting story. This past January I was attending the Houston Salsa Congress, in which they have performances from professionals all around the world and then afterwards they host dancing all night long. Well I was in one of the ballrooms dancing and I decided after dancing I would sit down to take a break and drink some water to hydrate. I sat down next to a man and almost instantly he turned to me and asked me to dance. But this was no regular request. See the man didn’t verbally ask me, he signed to me would you like to dance. The excitement and shock I had felt at that moment overwhelmed me with joy and I accepted his dance. On the dance floor in between dancing we communicated back and forth getting to know each other. Not only was I grateful to meet him but he too was happy there was someone out of thousands of people at this event that knew ASL! I wouldn’t have had that special experience if it weren’t for the ASL program!” -Thank you, Christie”


“I am completing the ASL 3 this spring. I have loved my time in the class and wish it could extend into ASL 4, 5, and on! For a free class, this was so much more rigorous that I thought it would be and I felt like I really learned! Shelia is great and really wants everyone to learn. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in ASL and it should continue! It has been an amazing experience! ” -Jenny