This is Jonathan on the day he received his brand-new medical stroller from Be An Angel! This was also the day Jonathan was scheduled to have another surgery, one of many in his young life. Jonathan has a twin brother and an older sister. His single, working mother ensures that all her children have a good life, however, when it comes to Jonathan’s special needs; a special supporter of Be An Angel lent a financial hand. With this special lightweight collapsible equipment, Jonathan has more mobility allowing his mother to store it in the trunk of the family’s car instead of trying, often unsuccessfully, to fit Jonathan’s bulky wheelchair inside. Be An Angel’s generous donor not only furnished Jonathan a new means to move, he presented him a new opportunity to see the world.

Our programs and services depend on the generosity of our donors. With your support, we are able to make a real difference in improving the quality of life for children like Jonathon.

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