For Amanda, a teenager diagnosed with Autism, Camp Be An Angel is a safe place. Loretta, Amanda’s mother explained in her initial Camp Be An Angel application that Amanda loves to explore and in her younger years she would sometimes escape her house in the middle of the night. Amanda has been found wandering busy streets and nearby neighborhoods.

Over stimulation can cause Amanda to become extremely upset and her inability to process certain situations can cause her to hurt herself or put herself in dangerous situations.

The reason camp is such a great experience for Amanda is she is able to explore and participate in activities that stimulate her senses in a safe, secure environment. Amanda can fly down a zip line or ride a bike all in a facility designed for children like her!

On top of all that, Amanda is able to spend important time with her brothers and sisters and bond with them at Camp Be An Angel. We believe that one of the most important factors of camp is that it is planned with the entire family in mind. The weekend is completely free for everyone who attends, special needs children, like Amanda, are able to play safely in a fun environment, siblings grow closer, families make new friends and everyone walks away with a smile and a tear come Sunday afternoon.

Our programs and services depend on the generosity of our donors. With your support, we are able to make a real difference in improving the quality of life for children like Amanda.

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